Yes, it’s true…the saga of Garmarna continues

Rising once more from the snow and ice of the Nordic winter they gathered in early 2015 at Nevo Studios where time ago the legendary VENGEANCE album was recorded.

Here, where the perpetual night encloses and embrace those who choose to make this home and while the Arctic winter shudder, sigh, snap, crush and torment the present as it has tormented all ages a new album slowly took shape.

On rare occasions Aurora Borealis in ironic delicacy displayed its gentle faraway veils, shifting, impalpable, tantalizing. More often the storm closed down. There was wind and cold beyond calculation. There was the horror of nature’s clamor and the horror of nature’s silence. There was the terror of nature’s incredible blackness. There was the terror of nature’s soft illumination.

Against this backdrop, with feet firmly planted in medieval ballads and warmly embracing all the magic of modern and future technologies, here they are yet again…

A new album will be released in February 2015

Emma Härdelin (vocals, violin)
Gotte Ringqvist (guitar, violin and backing vocals)
Jens Höglin (Percussion)
Rickard Westman (guitar, bass, e-bow)
Stefan Brisland-Ferner (violin, hurdy-gurdy and sampler)